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     Company Profile  

Founded in 1995, Sea Galleon International, Ltd is a trading company and authorized agent for many world-class companies.  Over the past decade our core business focus has been to provide well known brands of components and raw materials to the loudspeaker and audio industries.

In response to the demands of the marketplace and to better serve our customers, Sea Galleon International, Ltd. also has established sister companies in Guangdong province: Sea Galleon Electroacoustic Products Co., Ltd & Dongguan Kou Ryou Electronics Co. Ltd.
The following is a list of the companies whose products we sell and support:
  • Perco Polyimide voice coil former materials for high power loud speaker applications temperature rating
  • Victrex- Aptiv  PEEK Films for diaphragms of higher power handling cellphones and compression drivers
  • Teijin-DuPont Films - Teonex PEN films for loudspeaker diaphragms
  • Ferrotec Corporation - Ferrofluid for loudspeakers
  • TDK Japan - TDK electronic parts such as capacitors & magnetic cores
  • Propex Germany-Curv SR Woven PP for speaker cones  
  • ExxonMobil Chemical - Santoprene thermoplastic for loudspeaker surround and spider
  • IPT-Innovative materials for Voice Coil
  • Fluid Metering, Inc. (FMI) - Precision dispensers for adhesives and ferrofluids
In addition to serving our local Chinese customers, we also export loudspeakers, components and raw materials to many international destinations.
Our dedication to quality assurance and customer satisfaction allows us to build strong relationships with our customers.  We are committed to the after-service of our products and we regularly receive training from the companies we represent in order to provide the best possible technical support.  Our large on-hand inventory also guarantees that our customers receive the products they need in the timeliest manner.
We appreciate your interest in Sea Galleon International, Ltd. and her sister companies.  Our customers are our partners and we are committed to providing them with the highest quality products and services.  We hope that you consider us for your current and future needs.  Please contact us today so we can discuss your requirements and show you how you can benefit from a partnership with Sea Galleon International, Ltd. and our dedicated employees.
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